Manufacture of Metal Structures

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Manufacture of metal structures: RUB 17,000 – RUB 24,000 per ton

(price of works included, price of rolled stock excluded)

Metal framework: 17х36х4, S=612m²

Price of manufacture (rolled stock included) RUB 1,680,000
Production time Less than 1 month
Price per 1 m² RUB 2,745

Metal framework: 18х60х6, S=1080m²

Price of manufacture (rolled stock included) RUB 3,792,000
Production time 1 month
Price per 1 m² RUB 3,511

Metal framework: 24х60х6, S=1440m²

Price of manufacture (rolled stock included) RUB 5,135,000
Production time 1.5 months
Price per 1 m² RUB 3560

Erection of metal structures: RUB 12,000 – RUB 17,000

(special vehicles included)

Монтаж металлоконструкций Монтаж металлоконструкций

Manufacture of metal structures
in the shops of Saturn Construction Company

We take orders for the manufacture of metal structures. We use our own rolled stock and customer-provided rolled stock. We manufacture metal frames and metal structures of 10 tons and above. We are committed to executing your orders within the shortest timeframe possible. Give us a call or leave your contact information in any form on this website and we will be in touch.

You gain your economic benefit with metal frames due to low cost of our metal structures and our reduced erection costs.

Attractive and esthetic appearance: Metal surface can be painted in different colors; otherwise you can have it primed only.

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Manufacture of Metal Structures in Samara

Saturn’s metal frame making shop features high ceilings and the most advanced equipment. Our experts are prepared to take on any project you may require.

Shopping mall and sports facility construction projects may enjoy considerable cost reduction if one uses metal structures instead of blocks. When choosing the technology for building a facility or building oftentimes construction companies and customers prefer metal structures. Indeed, block concrete construction is rarely a viable option.

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of metal structures

  1. Light weight (as compared with concrete structures)
  2. Wide range of available working methods
  3. Reliability and durability

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