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Installation of Sandwich Panels by Saturn Construction Company

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Saturn Construction Company has been engaged in the installation of sandwich panels in Samara and Samara Region for more than 10 years. The company offers high quality and affordable pricing. Our professionals are prepared to take on the entire scope of work at customer site.

Roofing and Wall
Sandwich Panels

Sandwich panels represent construction material which is indispensable in the construction of modern-day prefabricated buildings and structures. All sandwich panels are of two types: Roofing and wall panels. They are different in terms of the locking method. Sandwich panel installation is an important stage of building construction. Installation per se is not very complicated, yet one must adhere to a number of specific requirements. Failure to comply with the technology reduces durability and the level of thermal insulation and moisture resistance. When installing sandwich panels it is necessary to adhere to the relevant safety regulations and installation procedure at each and every stage.

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Sequence of Sandwich Panel Installation

There is a predefined sequence of sandwich panel installation to be complied with:

  • Frame assembly
  • Application of liner
  • Erection and anchorage of the first panel
  • Installation of the second panel
  • Bonding of sandwich panels
  • Installation of subsequent sandwich panels will be identical
  • Roofing is installed after wall installation
  • Lastly, shaped elements are fastened

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Compare a brick building and
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Let’s look at two 1000 m² buildings with the height of 9 m²

    Sandwich panel prefab building

  • Construction time: About 3 months
  • Price of frame: RUB 8,000 per m² to RUB 12,000 per m²

    Brick (block, etc.)

  • Construction time: 6+ months
  • Price of frame: RUB 15,000 per m² to RUB 20,000 per m²

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Sandwich panels are widely used for fast construction of industrial buildings and structures. Nowadays they are used in many industries.

No matter what you want to erect, be it a warehouse, storeroom, shop, equipment warehouse, etc., we are there to offer quality sheeting of your facility, thereby ensuring high level of durability and operational life.

Give us a call or leave your information on our website and our experts will assist you with whatever question you have. We can also visit your facility. We calculate the cost of installation of prefabricated sandwich based on your requirements and your project specifics.

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