Construction of Prefabricated Metalware Buildings

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Metalware Buildings by Saturn Construction Company

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How Is
Saturn Construction Company Different?

Operating speed, quality, and reverent attention to detail makes us stand out! Any building, including prefabricated one, which we erect if primarily different in terms of its impeccable quality. This is the best proof of expertise of our employees.

The Shortest Lead Times
and Impeccable Quality

This is how one can describe cooperation with Saturn Construction Company.

We erect buildings and structures of varying complexity within the shortest timeframes, using metal frames and sandwich panels.

Such facilities look rather presentable; importantly one can select any color. Thanks to these features such buildings fit any design. Because metalware buildings take little time to construct and it takes several months to erect a sandwich panel building, final estimated price for the entire set of works is substantially lower.

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Modern-day Commercial Construction

Prefabricated buildings and structures take central stage in modern-day commercial construction.

Saturn Construction Company is your trusted partner for the erection of prefabricated buildings in Samara Region. Our professional staff adheres to all the current norms and operating standards. We monitor and apply the latest construction technologies.

Saturn has an impressive track record and therefore the company guarantees impeccable quality and adherence to construction timing. Thanks to our in-house production capability we are happy to offer discounted pricing for framed buildings and structures.

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Compare a brick building and
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Let’s look at two 1000 m² buildings with the height of 9 m²

    Sandwich panel prefab building

  • Construction time: About 3 months
  • Price of frame: RUB 8,000 per m² to RUB 12,000 per m²

    Brick (block, etc.)

  • Construction time: 6+ months
  • Price of frame: RUB 15,000 per m² to RUB 20,000 per m²

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