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Prefabricated and Modular Buildings by Saturn Construction Company

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Advantages of Using
Metal Structures and Sandwich Panels


The term ‘prefabricated’ contains some of the answers

No wet-mix processes

Year-round construction with no additional costs


Buildings made of metal structures and sandwich panels cost less than buildings made of bricks, blocks, etc.

Lightweight Buildings

Groundwork is thus substantially cheaper

Learn more about manufacture of metal structures here

There are Several Construction Methods using
Prefabricated Technologies

Modular Buildings

Frame block is the baseline element, i.e. a module. No extensive groundwork is required. However, application of modular construction has a number of restrictions.

Prefabricated Buildings

These are industrial, production, and warehouse buildings, the skeleton structure of which is normally manufactured in special shops, like the shops we have.

We manufacture metal structures and sandwich panels used to manufacture prefabricated buildings at our specialist facility

How Do I Select
the Right Construction Contractor?

A warehouse or production facility, store or shopping mall, industrial buildings or hangars: The best option is a prefabricated building made of metal structures and sandwich panels by Saturn Construction Company

What materials
do I use for construction?

In the construction of hangars, warehouses, prefabricated buildings we use metal frames made at our own production facility. We use industrial-grade sandwich panels for the installation of walls and roofing

Why do customers trust us
with their construction projects?

We are experts in prefabricated buildings

We perform all construction and installation works

We also obtain the required building permits

And most important – we offer the lowest prices, which is easy to verify

What is the secret of Saturn?

In fact, there is no secret. We take pride in doing our work with integrity and honesty. Our reputation is sound and verifiable. We have long-term reliable partners and suppliers. By the way, we opt out of working with dubious customers.

At the planning stage, consider commissioning a detailed design. It makes little sense to study cost calculations for the construction of metalware or sandwich panel prefabricated building without having the detailed design in place.

We offer metal structure- and reinforced concrete structure design at very competitive prices.

Specify dimensions of your building

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Compare a brick building and
a prefabricated building

Let’s look at two 1000 m² buildings with the height of 9 m²

    Sandwich panel prefab building

  • Construction time: About 3 months
  • Price of frame: RUB 8,000 per m² to RUB 12,000 per m²

    Brick (block, etc.)

  • Construction time: 6+ months
  • Price of frame: RUB 15,000 per m² to RUB 20,000 per m²

Learn more about construction pricing here

  • When you choose our company we offer 5% discount for your next construction project.
    This discount is limitless: You can assign it to your friends and partners.
  • You get a full range of our turnkey services.
    Our experts develop a full set of documentation based on your needs in order to obtain the building permit, as well as all the necessary documents to successfully pass the relevant public and private regulatory audits and reviews. We work on your construction project taking into account your circumstances and needs.
  • You can also select a project from our database
    of completed projects based on our 15 years of professional experience.
  • We guarantee transparent pricing.
  • We can purchase construction materials directly from our steady suppliers, thus avoiding markup charged by construction companies.
  • Our accomplished team has over 10 years of experience designing and building warehouses, buildings made of metal structures and sandwich panels. This is why our team is able to avoid design errors and thereby prevent possible defects in the future. This guarantees extended service life of your building with little or no CAPEX.
  • Based on our extensive experience our company is proudly able to optimize metal consumption without compromising quality.