How to Choose
the Best Construction Company in 3 Steps.

Step 1

(The most simple option chosen by most customers)

Send out your construction project to contenders and ask for the cost calculation.

Pay attention to the response time, execution of cost calculation, customer-oriented approach. Normally the first impression a contender makes is the true one.

Cost calculations and quotes furnished by different construction companies may vary a lot. Also note that it is normally difficult to run your comparative analysis based on these calculations and quotes, as price, quantities, scopes of work, and types of work are described differently, which may be challenging, even for an expert.

Step 2

Select the most detailed and understandable cost estimate, take out the prices, and keep the types of work and scope of work. Send out the resulting template to the contenders who have furnished their cost calculations. Request that they fill out your standard form for the cost estimate, where the only thing they have to do is fill out their prices. Ultimately you will receive cost calculations executed in the coherent and uniform way, with the same scope of work, based on which you would be able to run your comparative analysis.

Also, when you send out your standardized form for the cost estimate request to specify the proposed work schedule and payment terms.

Step 3

In addition to low pricing you look for experience and reliability of your construction contractor. To figure that out you should request the following information from the contenders that fit your price criteria:

  1. Name of legal entity, Taxpayer Identification Number, registration date;
  2. Design and construction documentation;
  3. Number of staff;
  4. Availability of production facility and area;
  5. Availability of special construction equipment and machinery;
  6. The last 10 completed objects:
    • Area;
    • Construction site;
    • Types of works performed at each facility;
  7. Reference list (if possible).

Contact these customers and learn about reputation of the construction company.

We wish you successful cooperation with the reliable contractor!