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  • Saturn Construction Company has been on the market for over 15 years. The company featured several anchor customers and it has not been extremely famous. Having gained experience, resources, and sound reputation Saturn became a full-fledged player on the Samara construction services market. The company strives to become the leading supplier in terms of price/quality ratio and in terms of the number of successful showcase projects in Samara Region. Our customers include both private and public entities, military and security services, small and mid-sized businesses, and sole entrepreneurs.
  • We have two major lines of business: On this website you can learn more about our manufacture of metal structures and construction of prefabricated buildings made of metal frames and sandwich panels. Our second line of business is repairs and general construction work. You can learn more about that visiting our website
ОПЫТ ПО СТРОИТЕЛЬСТВУ (последние объекты):
  • 3300 м2 — ул. Верхнекарьерная, д. 3А — Складской комплекс
  • 2880 м2 — п. Преображенка Технопарк — Склад
  • 4320 м2 — п. Стройкерамика производственные цеха
  • 1296 м2 — ул. Механников — производство, склад, АБК
  • 3700 м2 — ул. Береговая, д. 5 — «Евросеть логистик»
  • 890 м2 — Управленческий тупик, д. 7, административно — производственное помещение для «Минимакс»
  • Реконструкция нефтепромысла для ЗАО «Реимпекс-Самара-Нефтепромысел» в Сергиевском районе.
  • 234 м2 — ул. Гагарина, д. 66А , архив для «Управление Федеральной Миграционной службой»
  • 900 м2 — п.г.т. Новосемейкино , цех компании «Салют»
  • 5300 м2 — п.г.т. Новосемейкино , производственный комплекс зданий для «СВПЗ»
  • 1000 м2 — ул. Клиническая 257 склад «Современные системы реабилитации»
  • 1150 м2 офисы для Научно-технической фирмы «БАКС»,
  • 610 м2 торгово-офисные помещения для ГК Маяк,
  • 3570 м2 СТЦ «Мега» «Икеа», «Ашан», «Леруа Мерлен» реконструкция и отделка,
  • 3600 м2 — офисный центр «ХимОптТорг» на ул. Мичурина 21
  • 1450 м2 — офисы для «Рег.ру» г.Москва
  • 1500м2 — офисы для «НефтеХимСервис» на ул Советской Армии 238а
и много-много других как крупных, так и небольших объектов.

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Let’s look at two 1000 m² buildings with the height of 9 m²

    Sandwich panel prefab building

  • Construction time: About 3 months
  • Price of frame: RUB 8,000 per m² to RUB 12,000 per m²

    Brick (block, etc.)

  • Construction time: 6+ months
  • Price of frame: RUB 15,000 per m² to RUB 20,000 per m²

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We are reluctant to say anything self-congratulatory. However, what we would like to point out is that offer tailor-made solutions to each and every customer of ours. Saturn boasts a strong team of like-minded professionals who have years of teamwork experience. We do not employ migrant workers and yet we manage to keep our prices reasonably low, lower than those of our numerous competitors. Our office is never crowded as we do not have bloated white collar workforce, and this helps save the budget of our customers.

Our integrity has been proven on a number of occasions by security teams of our customers. The fact that we’ve been fortunate to win many tenders speaks for our reasonable pricing and construction time.

AREA OF EXPERTISE: — We specialize in the construction of production shops, warehouses, hangars, as well as repairs and redecoration of commercial buildings. Niche specialization implies professionalism.

WHAT WE DO: We design and install building frames to general construction works and engage in turnkey renovation projects.

REPUTATION: Saturn Construction Company has impeccable reputation. Many Samara customers are able to testify to the professionalism of our company, including some notable players:

  • Rossiya Television
  • IKEA MOS – the largest international furniture retail chain
  • Restoria holding company – the second largest regional HoReCa player
  • InfoPro – the leading IT vendor in the Volga Region
  • Baks research and development company – the developer of advanced analytical equipment for the oil and gas industry
  • ETM Federal network
  • Buderus Bosch Group
  • Mayak Group – one of the leading producer and supplier of construction materials
  • CJSC Container Ware Plant – the largest manufacturer of synthetic products
  • Russian Textile Alliance
  • RBC Capital construction company
  • Silver trading company
  • Avantage trading house
  • KhimBytTorg – official dealer of world-renowned brands in perfumery products and household chemicals
  • Vera Glukhova Garden Center
  • Reimpex-Samara-Neftepromysel – the largest regional oilfield operator
  • Minimax federal-level retail chain
  • PEK – the largest federal-level freight company
  • REG.RU – the largest Russian accredited domain name registration provider
  • Department of the Federal Migration Service for Samara Region
  • VEKHA – interregional association for the supplies of machinery and spare parts
  • CJSC Neftegazmontazh – the largest regional oil and gas construction contractor
  • world of tools – one of the largest wholesale suppliers of construction tools

RESPONSIBILITY: We are proud to say that no customer has been left unsatisfied with our performance. We provide both warranty work and post warranty work, if required.

We are proud to be one of the best Samara-based construction companies in our segment. Samara construction market is extremely competitive and saturated. Every construction company is open to take on construction projects of any level of complexity. Admittedly we have many worthy competitors and partners. And we gladly compete as part of tenders with other professionals that, just like us, have their in-house manufacturing facilities and specialize in the framework method of construction. Alas, there are easy riders as well. When we chasee a potential order we never compromise our reputation since we cherish what we’ve earned thanks to our hard work and our integrity.

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