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Design Procedure and Stages

Design technology depends on the type and application of construction facility, however, stages and sequence of works, for the most part, remain the same. The design process comprises the following stages:

  • Collection of Initial Permit Documentation

    Collection of initial permit documentation is performed at the onset of the design process or it precedes the same as a standalone job. It comprises a set of materials that typify the future construction project and the construction site allocated for this project. The relevant documents are issued local authorities, utility systems operators, and supervisory authorities.

    Initial permit documentation includes the following mandatory documents:
    • Land property title documents (or land lease agreement);
    • Land Plot Development Plan (Urban Land Development Plan) is the main document required to proceed with the design stage. It outlines the permissible construction boundaries and permitted types of activity, as well as the permitted building area and dimensions of the building;
    • Permits issued by the municipal administration;
    • Opinions and approvals from regulatory services and bodies: Sanitary and epidemiological service, technical conditions for fire supervision, the office for natural resources management and environmental protection, opinion letter of the authority for protection of the environment, and the technical specifications for the development of specialized sections of the Civil Defense Ministry of Emergencies, etc.
    • Specifications for the facility engineering, including water,- heat,- gas,- and electricity supply and drainage systems (household, production, and storm water drainage), connections to highways, roads, railways, connection to telephony networks, the internet, etc.

    Depending on the specific construction facility this list can be extended. For instance, in case the facility is located in a specially protected area one would be required to obtain initial permit documentation from the relevant government services. Therefore we put together a dedicated list of initial permit documentation for each and every planned construction facility.

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  • Engineering Survey at Construction Site

    Engineering survey is performed in order to study natural conditions and man-made conditions of the future construction site. Based on the relevant reports the design office resolves on location of the construction facility, embedment of foundation of the buildings and structures, level of their protection from the impact of various adverse factors, identification of utilities, etc.

    The scope of engineering surveys is regulated by provisions of the Code of Rules SP 47.13330.2012. The following works must be performed prior to the design stage:

    • Engineering and geodetic surveys (topography imaging, desk study, and stationing);
    • Site investigation (soil property measurement, availability and composition of ground waters, determination of foundation soil for the foundation, etc.);
    • Engineering and environmental survey and engineering and hydrometeorological survey (information about natural and climatic conditions of the construction site, plant and animal life, availability of anthropogenic sources of pollution, etc.);
    • Engineering and hydrographic survey (to acquire information about the situation, underwater topography, underwater structures, with their subsequent imaging on engineering and topographic (engineering and hydrographic) maps and profiles).
    • Identification of geophysical signatures of the construction (mountain- and seismic conditions for construction, information about mineable minerals, and other studies).

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  • Project Documentation Development

    Development of project documentation in order to obtain the required permits or opinion of expert examination, if in accordance with the City Planning Code of the Russian Federation, Article 49 the planned building is subject to the expert examination (the size of buildings exceeding 1500 м2 or more than 2-storey buildings or in case of extremely hazardous building or unique construction facility).

    The current standards define two stages of the design process: Design documentation and Construction documentation. Unlike the previous staging, the requirements to detailing sections of Design documentation have become more stringent. The scope of text- and graphic materials is determined in accordance with the RF Government Decree No. 87 dated 16.02.2008 “On the Composition of Sections of Design Documentation and Requirements to Their Content.”

    In accordance with Decree No. 87 capital construction facilities, depending on their functional use and special features, are divided into the following types:

    1. Industrial purpose facilities (buildings, structures, and production purpose structures, including defence and security facilities), excluding infrastructural facilities;
    2. Non-industrial facilities (buildings, structures, residential buildings, social and cultural structures and buildings, municipal and public facilities, as well as other non-industrial capital construction facilities).
    The following sections must be included in the scope of design documentation for industrial and non-industrial facilities:
    • Section 1 Explanatory note;
    • Section 2 Land plot layout diagram;
    • Section 3 Architectural proposals;
    • Section 4 Structural and space planning decisions;
      • KM – Metalwork (metal frame of building);
      • RSC – (Reinforced concrete structure) foundation, floors, floor framing
    • Section 5 Information about engineering equipment, utility networks, list of engineering and technical measures, and process engineering solutions;
    • Section 6 Construction Arrangement Design;
    • Section 7 Environmental protection measures;
    • Section 8 List of environmental protection measures;
    • Section 9 Fire safety measures;
    • Section 10 Accessibility provisions;
    • Section 10.1 Measures to ensure compliance with the requirements to energy efficiency and equipment of buildings and structures with metering devices for the energy resources used;
    • Section 11 Construction estimate for a capital construction facility.

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  • Expert Examination of Design Documentation

  • Construction Documentation Development

We design

Warehouses and Logistics Complexes
Industrial Buildings
Administration Buildings
Sports Facilities
Agricultural Buildings

Design Price

Option 1

Price: RUB 100,000 – RUB 300,000

  • RSC – Reinforced concrete structure (foundation)
  • KM – Metalwork (metal frame)
  • Engineering calculation of skeleton structure of the building: Summary of loads and impacts on the building, calculation and selection of foundation reinforcement, calculation and selection of skeleton structure of the building.

Option 2

Price: RUB 200,000 – RUB 500,000

  • EN – Explanatory note
  • MP – Master plan
  • AP – Architectural proposals
  • RSC – Reinforced concrete structure (foundation)
  • KM – Metalwork (metal frame)
  • Engineering calculation of skeleton structure

Option 3

Price: Depends on the number of stages required

  • In reality, the number of design sections is negotiable, and hence the price of design works is negotiable.
  • Buildings with dimensions exceeding 1,500 m2 undergo mandatory government expert review. This increases lead time and price tag of the design. Such type of design typically costs over RUB 500,000.

Standard Design

Fabrication building 864 m2

Dimensions: 36х24х6

  • Metalwork (KM)
  • Structural steel (SS)


Administration building 912 m2

Dimensions: 24х38х12,6

  • Architectural proposals (AP)
  • Metalwork (KM)


Garage 216 m2

Dimensions: 12х18х9

  • Structural steel (SS)
  • Metalwork (KM)
  • Reinforced concrete structure (RCS)


Production building 1296 m2

Dimensions: 72х18х13,8

  • Metalwork (KM)
  • Architectural proposals (AP)
  • Reinforced concrete structure (RCS)


Administration building 349 m2

Dimensions: 11,7х29,8х4,6

  • Metalwork (KM)
  • Architectural proposals (AP)
  • Reinforced concrete structure (RCS)


Production shop 1296 m2

Dimensions: 24х54х11,3

  • Metalwork (KM)
  • Architectural proposals (AP)
  • Reinforced concrete structure (RCS)


Examples of Design Drawings

Some examples of the facilities designed by our team:
  • Shop located at v. Novy Buyan, Samara Region (Sladkodarov confectionary company).
  • Two five-storey residential buildings with built-in nonresidential premises in the City of Kinel.
  • Administrative building with a 2-storey superstructure, City of Samara, Khasanovskaya St.
  • Two parking lots in the City of Samara and the City of Novokuybyshevsk.
  • Twenty-storey residential building located at Michurina-Vrubelya-Sklyarenko Streets (Customer: Sphynx LLC).
  • Recreation center in Bezenchuk District of Samara Region.
  • Restaurant building and administration building with a pool for Vityazi Oil Company.
  • Production shop with equipment installation at Khimsintez CJSC facility in the City of Chapaevsk.
  • Mobile meat processing facility.
  • Renovation of premises for Cola-Cola Bottlers.
  • Bakery design in the City of Otradny, Samara Region.
  • Cold storage warehouse in v. Kozelki, Samara Region (Customer: CJSC Almet).
  • Powerboat storage warehouse in Krasnoglinsky District of the City of Samara.
  • Renovation of Ay resort center in the Republic of Bashkortostan.
  • Shopping and office center at Zavodskoye Shosse, the City of Samara.
  • Production shop in v. Novy Buyan, Samara Region.
  • Three 26-storey residential buildings located at Solnechnaya St., (5 Proseka).
  • Office center with underground parking lot located at Solnechnaya St.
  • Production and warehouse building located at v. Krasny Pakhar, Samara Region.
  • Manufacturing building in v. Syreyka, Samara Region (Customer: Mayak LLC).
  • Warehouse building with overhead crane in v. Kozelki, Samara Building.
  • Shopping center located at Vokzalnaya St., v. Obsharovka, Samara Region.
  • Two-storey shopping center located at 43a Kosmonavtov S., v. Privolzhye, Samara Region.
  • Two-storey department store located at 6 Internatsionalistov St., v. Zhigulyovsk, Samara Region.

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  • Quality and on-time design is the stage, on which the entire construction process depends, as well as the final estimate, and in a number of cases – the very feasibility of a construction project. Only specialized design engineering companies are qualified to perform the entire scope of works required. Saturn Construction Company is one of such entities, as the company is not only able to offer quality and professional design of prefabricated industrial buildings and production warehouse made of sandwich panels with the best seasoned staff available in Samara, but in addition the company is prepared to provide full-fledged support of each and every construction facility, from initial consultation to commissioning of the facility.
  • Depending on specific needs of a customer Saturn staff is able to design a sandwich panel prefabricated building using one of the two options available, depending on the scope of documentation required, the scope of work, and the cost estimate. This may include a set of basic engineering design pertaining to characteristics of the skeleton structure, foundation, and the entire facility, as well as full-fledged design works including the development of architectural proposals, master plan, and the relevant explanatory notes. In either case we guarantee quality result, strict adherence to the predetermined project completion deadlines, and the most efficient solution of any applicable planning problem in each and every specific case. Saturn specialists are well-versed in the design of complex industrial buildings and industrial warehouses. They are experienced in solving nonstandard problems with no extra cost and overhead.
  • You are free to get in touch with Saturn Construction Company in Samara or Togliatti to get your free consultation and/or order the design of your production warehouse or any other prefabricated sandwich panel industrial facility. Give us a call, email or visit our offices and talk to one of our design experts.

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